13 Funniest Parrot Stories Ever Told

Looking for a collection of funny parrot stories that will have you laughing out loud? Look no further than this collection of 13 funny parrot stories! From silly conversations to comical misadventures, these tales are sure to bring a smile to your face.

“The One with the Terrible Time-Out”

One day, a parrot experienced the worst time-out ever. The bird was so mad that it couldn’t get out of its chair. It screamed and screeched for hours on end. Eventually, the family gave up and came to find the bird. They were shocked to see that the bird was still in its time-out chair!

“The One with the Dirty Pool”

At first, things were going well for Julio. He had just finished cleaning Jerry’s pool and was getting ready to leave when he saw Jerry coming down the street with his kids in tow.

“Hey, Julio! I know you’re busy, but can you help me out with something?” Jerry asked.

“Sure,” Julio replied.

Jerry explained that he and his kids were heading to the park, but they needed someone to come and clean their pool while they were gone.

“I don’t know if I’m up for this,” Julio said, “but I’ll try.”

Julio was a little nervous as he approached Jerry’s pool. It was a bit dirty, but not too bad.

After a few minutes of scrubbing, Julio was finally done.

“Thanks, Julio! I owe you one,” Jerry said.

“The One with the Rotten Vegetables”

Peter is always trying to make sure that his vegetables are the best they can be. However, it seems as though he always fails. In this particular story, Peter’s vegetables go from bad to worse as he tries to cook them. First, he burns them, then he adds too much salt, and finally, he overcooks them. In the end, his vegetables are rotten and inedible. Needless to say, Peter’s day is not going well.

“The One with the Screaming Eagle”

In this hilarious parrot story, a screaming eagle is terrorizing a small town. The residents come up with a plan to get rid of the eagle, and it turns out to be quite a challenging task. The Eagle is a tough bird to take down, but in the end, they are successful. This funny story is sure to make you laugh out loud.

“The One with the Sticky Window”

When one of the family’s windows gets stuck, the whole family has to come up with a plan to get it unstuck. They find themselves in some hilarious situations, like when they try to figure out how to get the window unstuck while Mom is cooking dinner. The sticky window is the perfect opportunity for some ridiculous hijinks, and the family hilariously exploits it.

“The One with the Foul Odor”

When Dave’s bird started to produce a foul odor, he knew he had to do something fast. So, he threw the bird out the window. That was the only thing he could think of. Apart from that, Dave just tried to ignore the smell and hope it would go away. Unfortunately, the smell was just too overwhelming for that to happen. The bird continued to produce the noxious odor, and Dave was forced to take action.

“The One with the Dirty Thooth”

One day, a pet caretaker was sweeping the floor at a bird sanctuary when she found a dirty thooth on the ground.

The caretaker quickly realized that the thooth belonged to a macaw who had recently died.

The macaw’s spirit still lingered in the dirty thooth, and the caretaker was constantly pestered by it.

One day, the caretaker finally exorcised the macaw’s spirit from the thooth and released her into the afterlife.

The macaw’s death was a tragic accident, but thanks to the caretaker, she now knows that birds can be forgiven for their mistakes.

The story of the macaw and her dirty thooth teaches us that sometimes, even the littlest things can have big consequences.

“The One with the Dead Cat”

Roger’s cat, Benny, had been sick for a while, and he was starting to worry. Finally, Benny passed away and Roger had to find a way to rid of the cat body. He decided to take Benny’s body outside and dump it in the trash can. Unfortunately, Benny’s body was too heavy for Roger to lift, so he had to call for help. Jerry came over and helped him carry the dead cat to the trash can. It was a sad but funny experience for all involved.

“The One with the Broken Window”

John’s pet parakeet, Polly, helps him out by flying inside the window to help him fix it. John’s prankster friends soon found out about his clever window repair technique, and decided to use it on other windows in their neighborhoods. John’s parents home was the next window that they targeted. John’s prankster friends did a pretty good job of breaking the window, but they left one of the screws behind. John was able to use the screw to fix the window himself.

“The One with the Dirty Kitten”

When Kitty the Kitten decided to spend the day indoors, she never imagined that her lack of cleaning skills would result in so much mess. From dirty dishes to clogged drains, Kitty’s antics left their home in a state of disarray. Each room in the house had its own unique challenge, and by the time the family was able to clean up, it was already late in the day. Thankfully, Kitty’s misdeeds were simply a precursor to a much worse catastrophe…

“The One with the Misplaced Mouse”

Everyone in the family was getting a bit antsy, especially the mouse. It had been missing for hours and everyone was starting to get worried.

Eventually, they found the mouse hiding in the laundry room. When they asked it where it had been, the mouse simply replied with a blank stare, “I don’t know.”

“The One with the Drag-Queen Dog”

The neighborhood was always a little strange. Not in a bad way, of course. But there were peculiarities about the families that lived there that just made the birds curious.

One day, one of the girls in the neighbourhood started dressing like a drag queen. The parrots didn’t understand why she would want to dress like that, but they were fascinated nonetheless.

As they watched her prance around, the birds realized that drag queens were just like them – only they dressed differently. They could wear whatever they wanted and make everyone laugh. Maybe they should give it a try sometime!

But as they got more and more into the drag queen lifestyle, the parrots realized that there was also a downside to it. Some people found it offensive. And sometimes things went wrong – like when someone threw a dead cat at the drag queen’s feet.

In the end, the parrots learned that life is full of both good and bad moments. Everything has its own pluses and minuses. And that includes drag queens!

“The End.”

One final funny parrot story.

Although we may feel sadness at the end of a relationship, in the case of a funny parrot, the feeling is always one of joy. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh? In this final installment of our series of funny parrot stories, we see our main characters face various obstacles and tribulations, but through it all, they never lose their sense of humor.

No matter what happens, they always manage to find a way to resolve the situation in a way that is both hilarious and satisfying. In the end, they all learn a valuable lesson: no matter what, always keep your sense of humor intact.

These funny parrot stories will have you laughing out loud. From silly conversations to comical misadventures, these tales are sure to bring a smile to your face.

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