How To Contact Us

To be placed on an e-mail list to receive more information (on speakers, advertising in our programs, or renting commercial space, for example) as it becomes available or to ask any questions, please e-mail us at: [email protected]
Registrations & Correspondence
Canadian Parrot Symposium – West
P.O. Box 35065, Hillside Postal Outlet
Victoria, BC, V8T 5G2, Canada

To contact any of our directors:
Jim Taylor, phone 250-478-5101, fax 250-474-1107, E-mail [email protected]
Doreen Albion, phone 250-477-9982, fax 250-477-9935, E-mail [email protected]
Gladys or Ormand Lavenne, phone 250-727-2962, E-mail [email protected]
Sharon Gerigs, phone 250-881-1181, E-mail [email protected]