Photo Contest

2002 Photo Winners!

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“Bad Feather Day”“Dusty In Your Face”
1st-Moluccan Cockatoo2nd-Red Sided Eclectus3rd-Red Sided Eclectus
Submitted by Stan Epps
Duncan, B.C.
Submitted by Stefanja
Out Of The Blue Aviaries
Calgary, Alberta
Submitted by Linda Halliday
Nanaimo, B.C.

Be sure to bring your favourite parrot photo for our contest.  Delegates are invited to pin up the their parrot photos on the photo board.  The photos are judged by those attending the symposium throughout the weekend.  Each person is given 3 dots (one blue, one red and one yellow), which they can place under the pictures that they think are best, second best and third best respectively. 

For each photo the dots are added up (dots are valued based on colour, blue is worth 3, red 2 and yellow 1). The top three photo owners wins a prize. The winners will be announced and the prizes given out at the Sunday afternoon nutrition break.