Fifth Symposium 2002
Mattie Sue Athan – USA
Well Known Author, Companion Parrot Behaviour; Consultant, Lost Bird Recovery

Trevor Buckell – England
Expert on Breeding & Care of Nectar Eating Parrots

Laurella Desborough – USA
Eclectus, Founder of MAP, Legislation

Sheldon Dingle – USA
History of Aviculture, Editor “Bird Watch”, Aviculture Historian

Steven Hartman – USA
Expert on Avian Management

Rosemary Low – England
World Renowned Author & Avian Expert

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Fourth Symposium 2001
Jenni Bass, DVM, MRCVS
The Avian Respiratory Tract or Why a Runny Nose Isn’t Just a Cold

Chris Collis, B.Sc (Agr.), DVM
Disease Testing Considerations for the New Bird

Chris Davis, AA
Common Pitfalls Encountered when Modifying Avian Behaviour
Creating a Happy Problem Free Avian Companion

Rick Jordan
Keeping and Breeding African Grey Parrots
Incubating and Hatching Psittacine Eggs

Cyril Laubscher
Photographing Pet Birds
Spectacular Parrots and Other Birds in Action

Phoebe Linden
Teaching Psittacine Birds How to Learn
New Thoughts on Fledging and Flight

Sandee Molenda, C.A.S.
Parrotlets in Aviculture
Going from Pet Owner to Breeder

Jim Taylor, M.A.Sc PEng
Saving Endangered Birds by Storing DNA

Deborah Wisti-Peterson
PCR Sexing: Using Modern Technology to Identify Gender in Birds

Third Symposium 2000
Mattie Sue Athan
Managing Fearfulness in African Greys
Recapturing Your Bird

Dr. Louise Bauck, B.Sc, DVM, MVSc
Shedding Some Light on the Subject (Lighting Conditions)

Joe Forshaw
Rosellas in the Wild and in Aviaries
A New Look at Old Favourite Parrots in Urban Environments in Australia

Rick Jordan
Incubation and Hatching
Hand Rearing

Julie Weiss-Murad
Rescue and Sanctuary
Rehabilitating a Second Hand Bird

Dr. Kenneth Welle, DVM, Diploma ABVP, Avian Practice
Selected Diseases of Pet Birds

Liz Wilson, CVT
Biters and Screamers
An Overview of Parrot Behaviour Management

Second Symposium 1999
Joanne Abramson

Pediatrics & Neonatal Care
Macaws: Facts and Fictio

Dunstan Browne
Setting up a Trust for Your Parrot

Chris Davis, AA
Demystifying Pet Bird Behaviour
Parrot Behaviour: Questions & Answers

Jos Hubers
Parrot Keeping in South Africa

Wendy Huntbatch
The Plight of Parrots in Captivity & the Value of a Refuge

Bill Parsons, MS
Practical Pediatrics

Eric Peake
Rare Parrots

Dr. Margaret Wissman, DVM, DABVP, Avian Practice
Medical Conditions for the Aviculturist

Desiree Wyant
The Use of High Tech Research Tools in a Low Tech Country for Pro-Active Conservation

Gillian Willis
Avian Poisoning

First Symposium 1998
Louise Bauck, B.Sc, DVM, MVSc
Psittacine Diets and Behavioural Enrichment

Sally Blanchard
Providing Nurturing Guidance to Companion Parrots.

Victoria Bowes, DVM, Avian Pathologist
Disease Control in Aviaries

Phoebe Greene Linden
Early Memory in the Developing Parrot
Avian Adolescence a Complex Developmental Stage

Rosemary Low
Caring for your Parrot
Pionus Parrots

Anne E. McDonald, DVM
Notes from an Avian Vet..

John H. Robinson, DVM, Ph.D. Virologist
Introduction to Psittacine Virology

Michael Taylor, DVM, Bruce Hunter, DVM M.Sc
Ongoing Investigation into Proventricular Dilation Disease at the Ontario Veterinary College

Jan Roger Van Oosten and Desiree Wyant
An Aviculturist in the Wild
The Future for Aviculture: Consortiums and Studbooks

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